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Periotron Version 2.52
QuickStart Guide

  What You Need
Periotron Version 2.52 requires the following minimum system configuration:

Computer and monitor: 80386 or higher PC with at least 640K RAM, a hard disk
with 1 MB of free space to install, a 1.44MB disk drive, and a video board and monitor capable of running CGA or VGA mode.

A serial communication port configured as COM1 or COM2.

DOS 5.0 or higher. Periotron 2.52 will run under the Windows 3.x operating system in a DOS Window.

Serial data cable (9 pin female to 9 pin male null modem cable).

Epson compatible printer.

Starting Periotron 2.52
At the DOS prompt or through File Manager, type PERIO. Periotron 2.52 will start. You will be prompted to enter the date, time, serial port to be used, video display type, printer model, paper strip to be used and desired test sites. Please note that this information need only be entered once. It may be changed should a need arise through the configuration menu.

Installing Periotron 2.52
Connect all power and data cables and turn the Periotron Model 8000, computer and printer on. The Periotron Model 8000 does not have to be connected to the computer during software installation, only when data is being collected.

Either at the DOS prompt or at the Run command line, insert the Periotron 2.52 disk into the appropriate 3.5" drive. Type INSTALL.

Reboot the computer to implement changes that were made to AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Configuring Periotron 2.52
Selecting CHANGE SETUP from the main menu yields the following options:

Select COM Port. This option is selected to set or change the serial communications (COM) port to which the Periotron Model 8000 will be connected. Either COM port (COM1 or COM2) may be selected. On many computers, this allows the user to work around the mouse installation or other usage for one of the two ports.

Select Display Type. This option is selected to set or change the display mode (CGA, MGA, EGA or VGA), video resolution and the number of colors.

Select Printer Type. This is used to select the appropriate printer that is to be used. Use the space bar to move between pages and the ENTER key to select the printer model.

Select Printer Port. This is used to select the port to which the printer is connected to (LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3).

Select Paper Type. To change between PerioPaper and SialoPaper, this option is selected. Please note that it is possible to select a paper type that is a mismatch for the Periotron Model 8000. The proper setting of the toggle switch on the rear panel of the Periotron is the responsibility of the user.

Use the UP and DOWN keys to highlight the desired paper type. Press the ENTER key to select the paper type.

Select Sites. This option is selected to enter the designations for the desired sites. The site numbers (between 1 and 40) need not be consecutive and would correspond to various tooth locations. Single digit numbers require a space after the number so that all enteries appear to be two digits long.

Set Perio Threshold. This is used to set the value which represents the maximum reading to indicate health and disease for PerioPaper. A line on graphs is set to correspond with this value.

Set Sialo Threshold. This is used to set the value which represents the maximum reading to indicate health and disease for SialoPaper. A line on graphs is set to correspond with this value.

Set Perio Calibration and Set Sialo Calibration. A number may be entered to act as a divisor for the analog-to-digital converter circuitry in the Periotron Model 8000. This allows the user to scale the display to more suitable values for special procedures. It is highly recommended that the default values of 10 for the Perio range and 20 for the Sialo range be used. This option is only for highly specialized applications and is not supported by Oraflow.

Set Bar Graph Width. This option is used to select a narrow or wide bars to be used in the graphing part of the program.

Please note that this software version is MS-DOS based and is incompatible with Windows 2000, XP or Vista.  Periotron Version 2.42 is a discontinued product and is no longer supported.