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Periotron Model 8010
is a micro-moisture meter electronic instrument that has been designed to measure gingival crevicular fluid, periodontal pocket fluid, salivary flow and saliva thickness. Includes #700100.


PerioCol Paper Strips
For collecting larger volumes (0 - 2.0 micro-litre) of GCF fluid.

Package contains 10 sterilized strips.


#593480 110 Volt $4,495.00

#593495 220 Volt $4,495.00

#593530  $5.00


Periotron Professional 3.0
A software program that performs rapid conversion of Periotron Scores to volume (micro-litre) and Sialo Scores to saliva film thickness (micro-metre) measurements on tooth or oral mucosa surfaces. Also includes patient tracking with charting.

For Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8

SialoPaper Strips

For minor salivary gland collection and oral mucosal wetness measurements. Each strip collects 0 - 3.0 micro-litre.

Package contains 10 sterilized strips.

#700100 $150.00


#593528  $5.00


PerioPaper Strips
Special paper strips that absorb or carry 0 - 1.2 micro-litre of fluid. Used with all Periotron models.
Box contains 15 sterilized packets. Each packet contains 16 test strips.

PerioPaper Holder
Mounts on all Periotron models for easy removal and application of PerioPaper GCF collection strips.


#593520 $55.00



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